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Looking to spend more time outdoors? A deck building project in Lakewood, CO, is your best choice!

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Whether you want a wood deck, a composite deck, or to replace an existing one that’s falling apart, Decks For Denver is one of the best builders in Lakewood, CO, that can see your vision through. With us, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a lasting product that transforms your outdoor space into a cozy and relaxing oasis for you and your family. We’re giving you the ideal place to entertain your guests and relax, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Colorado. With us, you’re getting the best deck building service you’ll ever find in Lakewood.

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A Decking Service That Keeps On Giving

Discover what it means to work with a professional builder who puts you first. Our deck-building service is designed to guarantee your success and bring you satisfaction every step of the way.
With us, you’ll get:

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If you have any reservations regarding our expertise, we invite you to delve into our portfolio of completed decks and witness the exceptional craftsmanship that awaits you!

Fast timelines of completion

Locally owned and operated
Innovative deck design

Connection & better customer service

If you have any doubts or require further details about the deck you desire, please feel free to contact us at (303) 475-5769. We guarantee a prompt response within 24 hours. Additionally, you can request a complimentary quote for deck construction in Lakewood, CO.

Deck Building Cost In Lakewood, CO

Our team has extensive deck construction expertise, having completed projects ranging from $20k to $150k. The project’s square footage primarily determines the cost of our services, with deck installations typically priced between $40 and $60 per square foot. Furthermore, the selection of materials for the decking surface will also influence the overall cost of building a deck.

Average Wood Deck Building Costs Per Square Foot

Deck Type Cost/square ft. installed
Pressure-treated pine $21.00 - $24.00
Bamboo $27.00 - $30.00
Cedar $34.00 - $39.00
Composite $40.00 - $42.00
Redwood $45.00 - $49.00
Cumaru $46.00 - $50.00
Massaranduba $49.00 - $52.00
Garapa $45.00 - $49.00
Tigerwood $53.00 - $57.00
Ipe $64.00 - $68.00
Teak $67.00 - $70.00

*Please be aware that service prices may vary due to factors such as labor and material costs. Please contact us regarding your deck-building project for accurate pricing information and a budget-friendly solution. Our team is dedicated to providing a detailed pricing quote and guiding you through the process.

At Decks For Denver, we value your time and investment, striving to create a partnership that is both seamless and convenient. Our ultimate objective is to provide you with a remarkable deck that surpasses your expectations.

For Trex composite decking:

Trex Decking Cost/linear ft.
Transcend $4.15 - $4.50
Select Earth Tones $2.65 - $3.10
Enhance Naturals $2.05 - $2.50
Enhance Basics $1.85 - $2.20

Or use their Trex decking calculator.

For TimberTech composite decking:

TimberTech Decking Cost/linear ft. Cost/square ft.
Edge Prime $2.40 - $2.65 $5.70 - $6.50
Edge Premier $3.10 - $3.25 $6.85 - $7.50
Pro Terrain $3.35 - $4.05 $8.75 - $9.35
Pro Tropical $4.90 - $5.35 $11.15 - $12.00
Pro Legacy $5.80 - $6.35 $12.35 - $13.50

*The numbers provided are estimations. Additionally, consider labor costs, framing, posts, piers, deck blocks, railings, and any desired additional features. Avoid guesswork and request a complimentary quote to get accurate information!

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Composite Vs. Wood Deck

Composite Pros Wood Pros
Low Maintenance: Composite decking requires minimal upkeep. No staining, painting, or sealing is needed. It's resistant to fading, staining, and mold. Natural Aesthetics: Wood's timeless and organic appearance is widely appealing.
Durability: It exhibits exceptional resistance to rot, decay, and insects, surpassing that of wood in most cases. In terms of initial cost, wood is often a more budget-friendly option compared to composite decking materials.
Composite decking typically boasts a significantly longer lifespan compared to its wooden counterparts, ensuring enduring quality and durability. Wood tends to remain cooler than certain composite materials when exposed to direct sunlight. This makes wood a favorable choice in terms of temperature control.
Composite decks offer a plethora of color options and patterns, granting homeowners unparalleled design flexibility. Discover endless possibilities to enhance your outdoor space with style and flair. Repairability: Damaged or worn wood can often be repaired more easily than composite materials.
Composite decking materials that are environmentally friendly often utilize recycled or sustainable materials in their production.

We've Taken Care Of Everything

Decks For Denver takes care of every detail, giving you the opportunity to relax and watch your dream deck come to life right before you.
Discover our enticing financing options tailored for your deck-building project in Lakewood, CO, and the neighboring areas. Moreover, we offer cost-effective solutions to maximize your investment and ensure enduring returns.
We are fully committed to delivering projects on time, ensuring that you can enjoy your new deck without compromising quality. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows you to promptly start using your grill while we seamlessly progress to our next project.

Deck Building FAQs

At Decks For Denver, we strive to provide you with a seamless experience in finding the perfect deck design. Our team of skilled designers will be with you every step of the way, starting with an initial consultation. We highly value your ideas and preferences, and we are committed to presenting you with a wide range of design options. With our expertise and meticulous attention to detail, we will create a deck that beautifully complements your home, reflects your unique style, and enhances your outdoor living experience.
Thank you for your enthusiasm to start enjoying your new deck. Our goal is to construct it efficiently while upholding the highest quality standards. Typically, it takes approximately 4 to 5 days to complete the construction of a deck. Be assured that our skilled team is fully committed to finishing your deck within the agreed timeframe. We place great importance on transparent communication and will provide regular updates on the progress of your project.
Decks typically have a lifespan that ranges from 10 to 18 years. It’s important to note that the actual longevity may vary due to various factors. The choice of materials, construction quality, maintenance routines, exposure to weather conditions, and frequency of use all contribute to the durability of your deck. By carefully considering these factors, you can ensure that your deck remains sturdy and stands the test of time.
Absolutely! In the beautiful state of Colorado, it is mandatory to obtain a building permit before embarking on any deck construction endeavor. At Decks For Denver, we understand the significance of a hassle-free permit acquisition process for your new deck project. Our extensive expertise and experience make us adept at navigating the intricate procedures involved, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Deck Building With A Real Pro -- Made Easy

Experience a deck-building process that prioritizes your well-being and comfort. Our goal is to minimize disruptions, ensuring a stress-free journey of enjoyment!
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Discover the countless benefits of partnering with a talented deck builder. Watch as your construction site turns into a masterpiece where dreams become reality! Indulge in personalized designs, transparent pricing, a smooth process, and a breathtaking deck that enhances the allure and value of your property. With Decks For Denver, your Lakewood decking project becomes attainable and hassle-free.

Start turning your dream deck into reality today. Trust our expertise and contact us at (303) 475-5769 or fill out our form to get in touch. Let us bring your vision to life with our exceptional services and personalized approach.

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Lakewood, Colorado, is a vibrant city nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It’s well-known for its rich array of outdoor recreational activities, cultural exhibitions, and historical landmarks. The Bear Creek Lake Park is a crowd favorite, offering nature trails, picnic spots, and camping facilities. Cultural enthusiasts may find solace in the Lakewood Heritage Center, a 20th-century museum and park exhibiting historic buildings, artifacts, and stories. Another notable landmark is the stunning Red Rocks Amphitheatre, world-renowned for its unique outdoor concert experiences. Lakewood’s blend of natural beauty and cultural richness truly makes it a gem in the heart of Colorado.