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With time, all wood decks become dated. Their color starts fading, the paint starts peeling off, and their mood is not how it was initially. But whether it’s a pressure-treated deck, a cedar deck, or even an upscale hardwood deck, deck painting can bring this structure back to its former beauty and make it look new.

Deck painting costs between $5 to $10 per square foot with a professional, with everything included, so you don’t have to move a finger. However, a lot of other things come into play when determining the final cost.

This page aims to give you a clear idea of what deck painting means for your outdoor space in Denver.

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A Deck Painting Service That Covers Everything

Regardless of the project at hand, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. We value your time and investment, which is why we always go above and beyond. When you choose Decks For Denver, you can experience the unparalleled benefits of collaborating with a top-tier deck builder.

The Benefits Of Deck Painting

Starting your deck painting project at the right time this year means you’ll have the perfect setting to entertain your guests and family. Painting your wood deck brings nothing but advantages. Here are some.

Repainting a deck can breathe new life into it, enhancing its visual charm and appeal. A meticulously painted deck can also boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, adding to its curb appeal.

Painting a deck shields it from outdoor elements like UV rays, rain, hail, and snow. The paint forms a barrier, protecting the wood from moisture and preventing rot, decay, and warping.

A painted deck is easier to clean. The paint prevents dirt and debris from penetrating the wood, making sweeping or washing away easier. Additionally, paint is less porous than wood surfaces, simplifying swiping or mopping.
Painting your deck offers a high return on investment (ROI) and can increase the selling price of your home. A well-maintained deck demonstrates your care and enhances the overall value of your property.
Wooden deck maintenance apply stain on decking

Best Types Of Deck Paints In Denver

Regarding deck paints, we need to evaluate factors like drying time, texture, VOC levels, and compatibility with different types of wood. Below is a list of the finest deck paints on the market.

TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Paint

TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Coating creates a textured surface for decks, patios, and other outdoor spaces. It provides a fresh look and long-lasting anti-slip protection, making it superior to other paints.

The manufacturer claims this polyurethane deck paint is tough enough for boat decks, providing a high-traction, low-sheen finish that won’t crack or peel, even after years of use!

This particular paint needs approximately 16 hours to dry fully, necessitating two coats that can be conveniently applied using either a brush or a roller. With just one gallon, you’ll be able to cover an area of approximately 300 square feet of decking. This paint comes at around $60 per gallon.

INSL-X Sure Step Acrylic Anti-Slip Coating

If you desire the anti-slip characteristics but are hesitant about the cost of TotalBoat paint, this alternative option offers a more budget-friendly alternative (that may be equally effective).

INSL-X Sure Step Anti-Slip Paint, manufactured by Benjamin Moore, is an acrylic deck and porch paint that offers a cost-effective solution for creating a high-traction surface. While it comes in a variety of colors, it’s important to note that the gallon will cover a smaller area, approximately 120 square feet of decking.

The drying process for this paint typically lasts approximately 8 hours, with a recommended minimum of two coats. It presents an excellent option for those who are mindful of their budget, priced at $50 per gallon.

Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint

Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint provides decent protection against mold, mildew, and UV rays. However, it’s not as durable as the aforementioned alternatives. It’s important to note that this particular deck paint is not intended for foot traffic, making it more suitable for use on railings and benches.

This water-based paint is low in VOC and free of toxic fumes. However, the smell can be quite unpleasant, making DIY application a nightmare. Fortunately, the strong odor dissipates once the paint has dried.

Montage Signature is offered in two finishes: semi-gloss or low-luster sheens, providing a range of 18 gray and earth tones. After approximately 4 hours of drying time, it is recommended to apply a second coat for optimal results. With one gallon, you can cover up to 300 square feet of decking.

Water beads up on a freshly sealed wood deck after a morning rainstorm at the cottage.

Choosing The Right Product For Your Deck Painting Project

When it comes to selecting deck paint, the options can be overwhelming. From choosing the right type of paint to deciding on the perfect finish, there are many factors to consider.

At Decks For Denver, our experts are here to help you navigate through these choices. We will assist you in making the best decision for your outdoor space, ensuring that your deck painting project in Denver is a success.

Type of Paint

When choosing paint, consider the benefits of water-based (acrylic) vs oil-based. Acrylic is easier to apply, clean, and more resistant to wear. If on a budget, opt for oil-based deck paint for a lower cost, though sacrificing some durability.


Consider how your outdoor space will be used. If your deck gets a lot of traffic, choose something durable. Weather is also important – storms, high winds, and heavy rain or snow can damage deck paint. Opt for a durable option that can withstand wear and tear for years. A covered deck may not need the most durable paint, but an open deck requires maximum protection.

Type of Finish

Choose from a variety of finishes like matte, semi-gloss, satin, or glossy. Each offers a unique look and feel, but there are some drawbacks. For instance, glossy may show dirt easily despite its luxurious sparkle. If you prefer a less shiny finish that hides dirt better, especially with lighter colors, flat might be the best choice!


Before buying paint, measure the square footage of your deck to determine the amount needed. Generally, one gallon covers about 400 square feet. However, bare wood absorbs more paint, so you might end up using less than 250 square feet per gallon.
painting terrace boards and waterproofing

Deck Painting Cost In Denver

On average, professional deck painting costs range from $3 to $6 per square foot, but if the deck requires extensive preparation or needs some repairs, the cost may go up to $15 per square foot. Here at Decks For Denver, at the same price, we always do a thorough deck inspection, prepare the site, and repair your deck before we get to work.

For example, pressure washing a deck costs between $200 and $400 for an average deck, including labor, preparation, and cleanup. Deck repairs can cost between $100 for several deck boards replaced and over $2,000 for structural repairs (like new posts and footings).

It’s important to note that most decks typically require two coats of paint.

Below are some averages for different sizes of decks.

Deck Size Square Feet Average Cost
8’x10’ 80 $160 - $400
10’x10’ 100 $200 - $500
10’x12’ 120 $240 - $600
10’x20’ 200 $400 - $1,000
12’x12’ 144 $290 - $720
12’x20’ 240 $480 - $1,200
16’x16’ 256 $500 - $1,300
16’x20’ 320 $650 - $1,600
20’x20’ 400 $800 - $2,000
24’x24’ 576 $1,100 - $2,900
30’x30’ 900 $1,800 - $4,500

Frequently Asked Questions On Deck Painting

When it comes to your deck, painting is primarily about enhancing its aesthetic appeal rather than providing protection against the elements. If you’re seeking to strengthen your deck, we suggest staining it instead.

However, if your goal is to simply alter your deck’s appearance, painting is the ideal choice. Additionally, sealing the deck can greatly enhance its water resistance properties.

While it is technically possible to paint over the old deck paint if it is in good condition, we do not necessarily recommend it. It is advisable to peel or sand off the existing paint to ensure that the new coat adheres firmly and lasts longer. If the old paint is cracked, peeling, or otherwise damaged, there is no doubt about it – it needs to be removed.
In the realm of painting, priming the surface is an essential and crucial step before applying paint or stain. This holds even more significance for deck boards that endure extreme temperatures, moisture, humidity, and frequent foot traffic. Ensuring proper priming guarantees an even finish and achieves long-lasting and durable results.
Wet Wooden deck, balcony at night with furniture and open doors, deck water drainage system


Every wood deck needs a new coat of paint or stain at some point. In fact, deck building experts all over the US recommend homeowners paint or stain their wood decks once every 2 – 3 years.

But this means wasting almost two full days to paint a large deck. Sure, if you don’t have anything else to do, maybe it’s worth it, but wouldn’t you rather spend time relaxing instead of working? Besides, nothing compares to a professional paint job from someone who’s been doing this for years.

At Decks For Denver, we offer homeowners in Denver, Colorado, the best deck painting service that you can get around here. We focus on a transparent process and a beautiful journey to ensure you’ll truly enjoy getting this upgrade.

If you’re ready to start your deck painting project in Denver, CO, give us a call at (303) 475-5769 or request your free quote now, and we’ll circle back as soon as possible!