Deck Repair in Englewood, CO

Turn your worn-out and unsafe deck into a beautiful and comforting gathering place for you and your family with our expert deck repair services in Englewood, CO.

Deck Building in Englewood Colorado

Our team of experts is ready to tackle any project, no matter how difficult it is. Each member of our team is a skilled professional who has years of experience behind him and countless completed projects. 

You are truly dealing with the best of the best. We offer a 5-year warranty as standard on any project.

You’ll never have to warn your friends coming over to watch their step when walking out on your deck because it’s falling apart. It might not even be a structural issue, it might be just a visual issue that bothers you. Perhaps it’s ruining the overall look of your home and you want to fix that. 

You’re getting a crew with solid expertise, ensuring top-notch quality work.

Wooden deck in front of the house overlooking the garden

Why We Are Your Best Fit

We overdeliver because we want to raise the standards of the deck repair industry here in Englewood.

Benefits of working with us:

Hundreds of Clients Can’t Be Wrong

With hundreds of happy customers who enjoy our decks daily, we are delighted to share some of the projects we are proud of.

5-Year Warranty

Innovative, Custom Deck Design

Quality & Reasonable Prices

Fast timelines of completion

Locally owned and operated
Innovative deck design

Connection & better customer service

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The Costs of Deck Repair in Englewood, CO

The cost of deck repair in Denver varies based on the scope of work. Typically, it can range from 30k to 70k+, contingent on the extent of repairs needed and the desired enhancements. 

Contact us with your deck repair project details and we can offer a more accurate free estimate based on your needs.

Type of Damage Average Repair Cost
Broken or damaged board $10 - $50 per square foot
Broken or damaged railing $30 - $150 per linear foot
Pest or termite damage $500 - $10,000
Mold, mildew or wood rot damage $350 - $1,000
Loose or missing screws $100 - $200
Resurfacing $1,500 - $5,000
Loose or detached stairs $100 - $300

Factors Influencing The Costs Of Deck Repair In Englewood

The price of deck repair can be influenced by numerous factors, each contributing to the final cost of our service. 

Understanding these can help you budget effectively.

Working With Decks For Denver Gives You The Guarantee Of A Flawless Deck

We take care of everything from start to finish. This includes designing your new deck, obtaining all the necessary permits, and completing the construction quickly and efficiently.

Forget about endless style and material choices. We offer deck design services to ensure that your new deck will perfectly match the style and architecture of your home.

We work hard to better our service and provide you with the best possible experience. Our 5-year workmanship warranty gives you peace of mind and assurance that your deck is built to last.

Easy 3-Step Approach to Deck Repairs

Transforming your home is a breeze with Decks for Denver. We have simplified our process into three clear steps:

Collaborate Two engineers wearing yellow clothes working and discussing white grand plan document Two colleagues discussing data and laptop with architectural project at construction site at desk



You tell us the vision and we translate it into a plan that our team can execute.
Build Deck



Our skilled crew repairs and gives your deck a new life.
barbeque on wooden deck



Revel in the splendor of your newly refinished deck!

FAQs About Deck Repair in Englewood, CO

Check your deck for signs of wear and structural problems. Keep an eye out for shaky railings, splintered boards, or any noticeable deterioration. 

If you notice these issues, it’s a good idea to think about getting professional deck repair.

Deciding between a wood or composite deck comes down to what you like and how much maintenance you’re up for. 

Wood decks give you that classic look, while composite decks are all about durability and less upkeep. 

Think about things like how you want it to look, your budget, and how much maintenance you want to deal with in the long run to make the right choice.

Absolutely! Repairing your deck isn’t just about fixing problems; it’s about keeping a crucial outdoor space in top shape for all kinds of activities. 

It boosts your home’s visual appeal, adds value, and creates a safe and pleasant setting for family and social get-togethers.

Our complete deck repair services cover everything from fixing stairs, doing a thorough high-pressure wash for deep cleaning, repairing or replacing railings to ensure stability, refreshing the deck’s appearance with resurfacing, enhancing aesthetics through painting and staining, addressing framing issues, treating for pests and rot, replacing damaged boards, and reinforcing the deck structure for long-lasting durability.

Get Your Deck Repaired Today

Upgrade your outdoor experience with an exquisitely crafted deck in Englewood, Colorado. Give your home a fresh new look whilst adding to your property’s value with our beautiful deck-building services, today

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