Deck Building In Parker, CO

Upgrade your home in Parker with a beautiful and long-lasting deck built by our expert carpenters here at Decks for Denver.

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Homeowners in Parker looking for deck-building services need not look further. Our team has been the go-to professionals in Parker for years, crafting stunning, durable decks that stand the test of time. 

Opting for our expertise means sidestepping the common pitfalls of DIY projects or less skilled labor, ensuring your deck is both beautiful and structurally sound, perfect for hosting gatherings or enjoying quiet evenings outdoors.

Choosing us for your decking needs guarantees more than just a deck; it’s an investment in quality and peace of mind. Instead of facing uneven finishes or premature wear and tear, you get a flawlessly constructed outdoor living space. 

Enjoy the substantial benefits of professional craftsmanship, from enhanced curb appeal to increased property value, all while providing a safe, inviting area for family and friends to come together.

Solid Decks & Solid Benefits

Our unmatched service and deck quality have revolutionized the industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence. We’re known for raising standards and delivering unparalleled value. 

Check out the benefits we offer:

Your Deck Could Look Just as Beautiful

Your deck transformation could look just as amazing as the projects pictured below. These images serve as great inspiration for what we can achieve together. Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

5-Year Warranty

Innovative, Custom Deck Design

Quality & Reasonable Prices

Fast timelines of completion

Locally owned and operated
Innovative deck design

Connection & better customer service

Deck Building Costs In Parker, CO

If you admire the natural beauty of wooden decks and don’t mind the extra maintenance, a standard 12×12 cedar deck will cost approximately $18,000. Choosing a 20×12 composite deck with aluminum railings, fascia wrapping, and stairs will require an investment of around $32,000.

Take a look at the costs table below modeled after past projects to get a sense of the prices regarding deck building:

Project Description Features Total Cost
Composite Deck Building - Denver, CO 12x12 size, Old deck removal, Grade 1 treated framing, New wrapped cedar posts, Composite deck boards, Aluminum railing $54,000
Covered Composite Deck and Sunroom - Denver, CO Old deck removal, Composite boards, Pressure-treated frame and cover, Aluminum railing, Wicker seating, Screens $60,000
Small Wooden Deck - Denver, CO Pressure-treated wood boards, Stained and sealed deck surface, White-painted wood railing, New deck steps, Trex RainEscape drainage $31,000

Factors Which Can Influence The Costs Of Deck Building In Parker, CO

Several factors directly impact the cost of building a deck, showcasing the unique nature of each project. 

Here’s what can affect your final price:

By understanding these factors, you’ll be better equipped to plan your deck project within your budget, ensuring no surprises down the line.

We understand how important it is to stick to the budget we initially set with you. That’s why we discuss everything upfront, leaving no room for unpleasant surprises. Rest assured, the price we agree on is the price you pay, ensuring your financial peace of mind throughout the project.

Completing your deck before our deadline is not just a promise—it’s our standard practice. We plan meticulously and work efficiently, ensuring that your deck is ready for you to enjoy as soon as possible. Our team is dedicated to delivering on time, every time, so you can start hosting those backyard gatherings sooner than you thought.

Strict Budget & Timeline Adherence

At Decks for Denver, we pride ourselves on being professionals who provide accurate timelines and budget estimates. Trust us to offer clarity and precision from the outset.

Effortless Deck Repair With Our 3-Step Process

At Decks for Denver, we’ve streamlined the process into three easy steps, ensuring that your experience is hassle-free and enjoyable. 

We handle the heavy lifting – you just sit back and watch your dream deck come to life.

Collaborate Two engineers wearing yellow clothes working and discussing white grand plan document Two colleagues discussing data and laptop with architectural project at construction site at desk



Together, we’ll design your ideal deck, tailoring every aspect to fit your vision and needs.
Build Deck



Our skilled team brings your design to life with efficiency and precision, ensuring top-notch quality.
Enjoy Deck



Step onto your new deck and revel in the comfort and beauty of your outdoor space, hassle-free.

FAQs About Deck Building In Parker, CO

Key considerations for building a deck include prioritizing safety, ensuring structural integrity meets code standards, and selecting durable materials for long-lasting quality.
Several factors impact the budget, including deck size, material choice (wood or composite), support posts, lighting, tiers, and whether to add a cover. Local considerations and distinctive design elements also affect the overall costs.
We provide a 5-year labor and installation warranty along with the manufacturer’s warranty for the selected product.

Deciding between wood and composite decks depends on personal style preferences. Wood decks offer natural beauty with various wood species and stains, providing a classic look at an affordable price. 

On the other hand, composite decks require no maintenance, resist rot, and feature a modern aesthetic, despite potentially retaining more heat than wood.

The construction timeframe varies based on deck size and specifications, typically ranging from 3-4 days to 10-14 days. Weather conditions in Denver could influence the schedule, but we factor this in when estimating your project’s completion time.
Our deck design services include creating detailed drawings of your envisioned deck. Feel free to suggest any modifications, and construction commences upon your design approval.

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Home?

Investing in our deck-building service is the smart move you’ll wish you had made earlier. It’s affordable, boosts your home’s value, and adds beauty.

Reach out to us at (303) 475-5769 and let our team at Decks for Denver guide your project to success.

Creating your dream deck with us is an easy and rewarding process. You’ll enjoy outdoor living like never before. Don’t wait any longer; call “(303) 475-5769” today and start your journey with Decks for Denver.

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Parker, CO, a picturesque and rapidly growing town, offers a unique blend of suburban charm and natural beauty. Key landmarks include the historic Mainstreet Center, bustling with shops and eateries, and the tranquil Cherry Creek Trail, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Not to forget, the PACE Center serves as the cultural heartbeat of Parker, hosting an array of performances and events. It’s a community where quality of life meets adventure.