Deck Building in Englewood, CO

Get a new deck built by an experienced deck-building team in Englewood, Colorado.

Deck Building in Englewood Colorado

Each deck is built at the highest quality standard, from the materials we use to how we put each piece together. You can run, jump, and have your extended family over for a yoga session, and our decks will stay strong each and every time. We offer a 5-year warranty as standard on any project.

Building your deck with us is simple: set it and forget it. Once built, it’s not going anywhere. The pain won’t come off, the boards will stay intact. Each nut and bolt is fitted tightly in its place, giving you peace of mind. You’ll never have to Google search “How to fix broken deck” or tell your neighbors, “Watch your step; my deck’s falling apart.”

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Why We Are Your Best Fit

We overdeliver because we want to raise the standards of the deck-building industry here in Englewood.

Benefits of working with us:

The Results Speak For Themselves

With hundreds of happy customers who enjoy our decks daily, we are delighted to share some of the projects we are proud of.

5-Year Warranty

Innovative, Custom Deck Design

Quality & Reasonable Prices

Fast timelines of completion

Locally owned and operated
Innovative deck design

Connection & better customer service

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The Costs of Deck Building in Englewood, CO

For those who appreciate the timeless look of wooden decks and are willing to invest in maintenance, a standard 12×12 cedar deck comes in at an average cost of $18k. If you want to go for a larger, more elaborate 20×12 composite deck featuring aluminum railings, fascia wrapping, and a set of stairs will require a budget of around $32k.

Factors Influencing Deck Building Costs:

* Please note that service prices may vary due to factors like labor and material costs. For precise pricing tailored to your project, feel free to reach out. Our team is dedicated to providing detailed quotes and assisting you throughout the deck-building process.

Costs For Trex composite decking:

Trex Decking Cost/linear ft.
Transcend $4.15 - $4.50
Select Earth Tones $2.65 - $3.10
Enhance Naturals $2.05 - $2.50
Enhance Basics $1.85 - $2.20

Or use their Trex decking calculator.

Costs For TimberTech composite decking:

TimberTech Decking Cost/linear ft. Cost/square ft.
Edge Prime $2.40 - $2.65 $5.70 - $6.50
Edge Premier $3.10 - $3.25 $6.85 - $7.50
Pro Terrain $3.35 - $4.05 $8.75 - $9.35
Pro Tropical $4.90 - $5.35 $11.15 - $12.00
Pro Legacy $5.80 - $6.35 $12.35 - $13.50

Average Wood Deck Building Costs Per Square Foot

Deck Type Cost/square ft. installed
Pressure-treated pine $21.00 - $24.00
Bamboo $27.00 - $30.00
Cedar $34.00 - $39.00
Composite $40.00 - $42.00
Redwood $45.00 - $49.00
Cumaru $46.00 - $50.00
Massaranduba $49.00 - $52.00
Garapa $45.00 - $49.00
Tigerwood $53.00 - $57.00
Ipe $64.00 - $68.00
Teak $67.00 - $70.00

At Decks For Denver, we prioritize your time and investment, ensuring a seamless and convenient partnership. Our goal is to deliver a top-notch deck that exceeds your expectations.

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We're Taking Care Of Everything For You

When homeowners tackle home improvement projects, two main worries usually cross their minds.

Deck building costs can range from $10k to over $70k+, and we’re here to construct anything you want, no matter your budget. We’ll assist you in getting the perfect deck for your home without costing you an arm and a leg.

We value your time and ours, so we’re committed to cutting down on inefficiencies at the job site. Our main goal is to finish your project as agreed, allowing you to enjoy your new deck as soon as possible.

Easy 3-Step Approach to Deck Building

Transforming your home is a breeze with Decks for Denver. We have simplified our process into three clear steps:

Collaborate Two engineers wearing yellow clothes working and discussing white grand plan document Two colleagues discussing data and laptop with architectural project at construction site at desk



We start by understanding your needs and translating them into a functional design.

Build Deck



Our skilled crew brings your vision to life, maintaining top-notch quality.

Enjoy Deck



Enjoy the comfort and beauty of your new deck.

FAQs About Deck Building in Englewood, CO

At Decks For Denver, we’re all about getting you a fully working deck as fast as we can. Our thing is finishing most deck projects in less than a week, and on average, it takes just 5 days after we’ve torn down the old one. Keep in mind, the timing might change depending on what your project needs or if you want any special extras in your deck. But no worries, we’re focused on making sure everything’s top-notch and done efficiently from start to finish.

Building a deck is a great chance to spruce up your home and give its value a little boost. Remodeling Magazine says you can get back around 35% of what you spent on the deck if you decide to sell. But even if you’ve found your dream home for keeps, having a deck is still a smart move. It gives you and your family more room to hang out, enjoy nature, and take a break from the hustle and bustle outside. No doubt, it’s always a good idea to make an investment like that!

Constructing a deck in Denver, CO, comes with different costs based on a few things. Let’s say, a 12’x12′ cedar deck at ground level with a basic design might run you about $14,000. Now, if you’re into a composite deck, you get more choices for decking and railing materials, giving you more ways to personalize.

And if you’re thinking about a second-story deck, we’ve got you covered. Starting at around $25,000 for a 20’x12′ composite deck, we’ll work closely with you to figure out the best plan that fits what you want and your budget.

Our crew of committed, skilled carpenters is licensed and brings a ton of carpentry know-how to the table. They tackle each decking project with a flexible schedule, precision, and a get-it-done attitude. Being pros in custom carpentry, they make sure your project gets done on time and with top-notch craftsmanship.

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Englewood, Colorado, a vibrant city situated just south of Denver, captivates residents and visitors alike with its unique charm and diverse offerings. The city boasts a rich cultural scene, featuring landmarks such as the Museum of Outdoor Arts, an innovative space that seamlessly combines art and nature. Englewood’s Belleview Park is a haven of outdoor recreation, offering expansive green spaces, a charming farm area, and a delightful miniature train for all to enjoy. For those seeking a taste of local history, the Swedish Medical Center, a landmark institution in the community, stands as a testament to Englewood’s commitment to healthcare excellence.