Deck Building In Aurora, CO

Upgrade your home with a solid and beautiful deck that will host many family gatherings and barbeques for years to come, with the help of our expert deck-building services in Aurora, CO.

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Homeowners in Aurora, CO looking for deck building services will find our offer unmatched in the industry. Choosing us means you avoid the disappointment of subpar work and instead enjoy a deck that’s both stunning and durable. 

Our professional team ensures your outdoor space is transformed efficiently, leaving you with a flawless finish that’s ready for entertaining.

By opting for our expert deck-building service, you’re not just getting a deck; you’re investing in an extension of your home where memories will be made. 

Instead of encountering the common pitfalls of DIY projects like instability and uneven finishes, you’ll be rewarded with a structure built to last, crafted by hands that value quality and precision.

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Benefits as Solid as Our Decks

Our exceptional service and unmatched benefits have revolutionized the industry, setting new standards for quality deck building in Aurora, CO.
Check out the benefits we offer:

Your Deck Could Turn Out as Great as These

Your dream deck can look just as impressive as the ones in the photos below, acting as your guide and inspiration for what’s possible. These examples showcase our commitment to quality and style. 

Take a look at the gallery below to get a sense of the level of quality of our services:

Deck Building Costs In Aurora, CO

If you appreciate the natural aesthetics of wooden decks and are open to extra upkeep, a typical 12×12 cedar deck will run about $18k. Opting for an average 20×12 composite deck featuring aluminum railings, fascia wrapping, and stairs will set you back around $32k.
Take a look at the costs table below modeled after past projects to get a sense of the prices regarding deck building:
Project Description Features Total Cost Breakdown
Composite Deck Building 12x12 size, Old deck removal, Grade 1 treated framing, New wrapped cedar posts, Composite deck boards, Aluminum railing $54,000 Composite decking boards: $33,000
Covered Composite Deck and Sunroom Old deck removal, Composite boards, Pressure-treated frame and cover, Aluminum railing, Wicker seating, Screens $60,000 Composite deck boards: $35,000
Small Wooden Deck Pressure-treated wood boards, Stained and sealed deck surface, White-painted wood railing, New deck steps, Trex RainEscape drainage $31,000 Custom wood railing: $15,000

Factors Which Can Influence The Costs Of Deck Building In Aurora, CO

Numerous factors affect the total cost of deck building in Aurora, CO. Understanding these can help you budget effectively for your project. Below are the key factors that influence our service pricing:

Larger decks require more materials and time to build, making them more expensive than smaller ones.
The choice between wood, composite, or other materials greatly impacts the overall cost due to differing prices and durability.
Intricate designs with unique features such as multiple levels or custom railings can increase the cost.
Adding accessories like built-in seating, lighting, or a pergola requires additional materials and work, thus affecting the price.
The need for a stronger foundation to support your deck can add to the total cost, depending on the terrain and project size.

Understanding these factors will give you a clearer idea of how the pricing for our deck-building services is determined.

On Schedule & Within Budget

Our team of professionals prides itself on delivering accurate timelines and budget estimates for every deck-building project. Trust us to set realistic expectations from the start.

When we give you a budget, we stick to it. Our initial estimate is carefully calculated to avoid unexpected expenses. We understand that financial planning is crucial for you, and we respect that by ensuring no surprises on the final bill.

Finishing your project on time is our commitment. We work efficiently without compromising on quality to ensure your deck is ready for enjoyment before our deadline. Trust our expertise to bring your vision to life, on schedule.

Effortless Deck Building with Our 3-Step Process

We’ve streamlined the deck-building process to ensure you have a smooth and stress-free experience. Our expert approach is broken down into three straightforward steps: Collaborate, Build, Enjoy

By choosing us, you’re not just getting a deck; you’re getting a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

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We listen to your ideas and provide tailored advice to ensure your vision comes to life.
contractor deck building in Englewood CO



Our skilled team works diligently to construct your deck with precision and speed.
Enjoy Deck



Step out onto your new deck and enjoy it with family and friends, worry-free.

FAQs About Deck Building In Aurora, CO

Important factors to consider when constructing a deck are emphasizing safety, guaranteeing structural integrity meets code requirements, and choosing materials for lasting durability.
Various elements influence the budget, such as deck dimensions, material selection (wood vs. composite), structural posts, lighting, levels, and the inclusion of a cover. Regional aspects and unique design features also play a role in determining total expenses.
Our service includes a 5-year labor and installation warranty, in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty for the chosen product.

Choosing between wood and composite decks is based on aesthetic tastes. Wood decks provide natural beauty and a versatile appearance, offering a range of wood species and stains. 

They are affordable and boast a classic look. In contrast, composite decks demand no upkeep, resist rot, and exhibit a contemporary aesthetic, even though they can retain more heat than wood.

The construction duration depends on deck size and specifications, usually spanning from 3-4 days to 10-14 days. Weather in Denver may impact the timeline, but we consider this when providing your project’s estimated completion time.
We provide deck design services, offering detailed drawings of your planned deck. Modifications are welcome, and construction begins only after you approve the design.

Your Dream Deck Is One Call Away

Investing in your deck is the smart choice you’ll wish you had made earlier. It boosts your home’s value and your enjoyment. A great deck turns your outdoor space into a versatile area for relaxation and entertainment.

Don’t wait, call (303) 475-5769 today. Our experts at our company are here to make your deck dreams come true efficiently.

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Aurora, CO, is a vibrant suburb of Denver, boasting a rich palette of cultural, natural, and recreational landmarks. Home to the stunning Cherry Creek State Park, Aurora invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore its expansive trails and water activities. The city is also renowned for the Aurora Reservoir, offering serene vistas and ample space for picnics and sports. This thriving community, with its blend of urban charm and natural beauty, provides an ideal setting for building your dream deck.